About Mongolian Young Leaders Network NGO:

Mongolian Young Leader Network (the “Network”) is a Non-Government Organization registered in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and was established by the participants of the Mongolian Young Leaders Program (MYLP). The Network organizes MYLPs in the United States, Europe, and planning to expand to Asia and other regions.

As of mid 2015, the Network has about 100 members who are outstanding young professionals educated in top universities in the U.S. and Europe in diverse fields. Many of them are still continuing to advance their education overseas, and also many of them are now working and living in Mongolia.

The Network organizes formal and fun activities among members throughout the year to strengthen members’ relationship as well as to benefit them. The Network is expanding year after year and will soon become one of the most influential organization consisting of the best talents in Mongolia.

About Mongolian Young Leaders Program:

Mongolian Young Leaders Program (MYLP) is a two-day conference, in major international cities, that brings together Mongolia’s best minds and outstanding young leaders who are studying in the region.

Participants are selected through highly competitive selection process. During the program, participants talk about issues and topics related to the development of Mongolia. They also meet with leading scholars, political and business leaders, professionals, experts, and other talents.

MYLP started in 2009 with the first program organized in Washington DC. MYLP was initiated and founded by Dr. Undraa Agvaanluvsan who is the Board Member and Honorary President of the Mongolian Young Leaders Network NGO.

After MYLP, participants join the Mongolian Young Leaders Network NGO to stay connected with participants from all the past and future MYLPs.

This great program is made possible by our generous sponsors and active leadership of previous participants.

2018-2019 MYLN Board Members:

Tuka Rentsen
President and Board Member
Education: Brown University
- RVJ Capital, Vice President
- Indigo Ag, Associate Mgr.
- Morgan Stanly, IBD Analyst
Khaliungoo Ganbat
Operations Manager and Board Member
Education: Vanderbilt University
- Centerra Gold, External Relations Mgr.
- Oyu Tolgoi, Compliance and Reporting
Khulan Batbayar
General Secretary and Board Member
Education: University of Westminster
- GTs Advocates, Associate
Uyanga Tamir
Board Member
Education: Princeton University
- Linkedin, Associate Bus. Ops.
- ZS, Associate Consultant
Nami Bold
Board Member
Education: Cornell University
- E&Y Consulting
Enkhjargal Batbold
Board Member
Education: University of Miami
- McKinsey, Client Impact Group
- McKinsey, Optimize Operations
Zulsar Batmunkh
Board Member
Education: MIT
- Lyft, Software Engineer

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