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In 2009, I founded the Mongolia Young Leaders Program, with the aim to challenge Mongolia’s best young, talented minds into thinking about the sustainable, prosperous future of Mongolia; to provide an opportunity for the student-fellows to meet one another and exchange views and opinions about the current and future state of democracy, economic development, and human development of Mongolia; and ultimately, to motivate them to become future political, intellectual, and business leaders of the country.

Mongolia is on the path for rapid growth and development. With that come many challenges and possibilities. Our best hope for success is the people, especially young people and strong leaders of today and tomorrow.  So it is with this good will and the best of intentions my husband Dr Dugersuren Dashdorj and I decided to create the program. In 2009, the inaugural program was held in Washington, DC. The next one was organized in Stanford, CA, led by Dr Narantsogt Chuluun and Mrs Ariungerel Altangerel. In 2010, the program also grew to include Mongolian students in European Universities where the program was held in Milan, Italy, led by Honorary Consul of Mongolia Mrs Gantuya Tsevegdorj. More than twenty students from fourteen countries gathered in Milan. The programs following were held in Boston, MA, USA and Istanbul, Turkey. Several of our dedicated Young Leader alumni have been involved in organization of the program. I hope you will have chance to familiarize yourself with the list of our generous sponsors and supporters.  
The latest one was in Vancouver, Canada, commemorating the 40th anniversary of Mongolia-Canada diplomatic relationship.

Currently the program has grown to more than 80 alumni who are graduates or current students of USA, Canada, and European countries. Around half of the Mongolia Young Leader program alumni have returned to Mongolia, and working in all sectors in the country. Many of them are already showing an exemplary leadership and excellence in citizenship.
This year’s program, the 7th Mongolia Young Leaders Program, will be held in New York City. We look forward to welcoming our new Young Leaders.
I wish you the very best in your endeavours.

Dr. Undraa Agvaanluvsan
Co-founder and Chair
Mongolia Young Leaders Program

Mongolian Young Leaders Programs 2019

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