San Francisco

The second MYLP was organized in San Francisco, CA, at the Stanford University Campus, during April 9-10, 2010 under the topic of International Security, Sustainable Development, and Entrepreneurship. The program was co-organized with the Mongolian Cultural Association at Stanford University, with support from MonAme Center.

Participants attended seminars on nuclear non-proliferation, environmental issues at Sierra Club in San Francisco, and visited the Asia Foundation, and attended a talk by a VP at Cisco. A network building team activity was organized to enhance communication and brainstorm ideas for development of Mongolia. The idea for Mongolian Young Scholars program was first conceived at one of the brainstorming sessions and was implemented successfully in consequent years in Mongolia by Tana Jambaldorj and other participants of MYLP.

MYLP 2010 in San Francisco, CA was made possible with the generous sponsorship from Nomadic Expedition and funding from the Stanford University.


Amar Baatartsogt
Duke University
Electrical Engineering, Economics
Baljinnyam Dashdorj
Stanford University
German Studies
Bolormaa Enkhbat
University of Oregon
Economic, International Studies
Bulgantamir Khaltar
University of Minnesota
Finance, Economics
Enkhee Tuvshintogs
University of California Davis
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Religious Studies
Ganchimeg Ganpurev
University of Kansas
Economics, Genetics Engineering
Monji Batmunkh
University of Southern California
Investment Finance
Naran Bayanbat
Stanford University
Electrical Engineering
Orchlon Enkhtsetseg
New York University
Sainshur Ganchuluun
University of Alaska Anchorage
Biological Science
Tana Jambaldorj
Harvard University
Economics, East Asian Studies, Chinese
Tengis Bat-Erdene
Berea College
Computer Science
Tselmeg Erdenetogtokh
San Francisco State University
Environmental Studies, Sustainability and Social Justice
Uuganbayar Otgonbaatar
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nuclear Engineering, Physics
Unurbat Erdenemunkh
Clark University


Ram Sachs
Stanford University

Jacob Stern
Stanford University


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